Download Pennywhistle Tune for Celtic Drover’s Night and PRSF 2014 Biennial Award Premiere

As part of our 2014 PRSF Biennial award and our Culture Together program we’ve invited 34 children and their families from four schools in South Lanarkshire to take part in our Celtic Drover’s Concert at this year’s Celtic Connections Festival.

If you are one of our very special guests from Coalburn, Sandford, Biggar and Mount Cameron primary schools, below is the final version of the tune we’ve been working on, Logan Water, for you to do some extra practice before our next school visits on Jan 7th plus some audio to play along with.

Logan Water Arrangement for Pennywhistlers



You can download both the .pdf and .mp3 files from this website via the MUSIC page. Use the password ‘musician’ and filter the tunes available by level (beginner) and instrument (whistle) look for Logan Water. Clicking on Ref: should bring it to the top of the list).

Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions about the music. Final details on the actual schedule for the 23rd will be emailed out to all the families involved before January 12th.

Participating children will remain backstage throughout the first half and get 1 free ticket each for a parent to accompany them to and from the venue. Additional tickets can be purchased by emailing us at

We will provide transportation via coach from your school (timings for this are tbc).

 Get more information on this event at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow on Thursday 23rd Jan at 8pm please via the link below


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