Glasgow City Celtic Collective

A new CD produced by Gael Music's artisitic director Luke Daniels is due for release on Sep 1st 2013.

Wren Records have financed this recording project which as an ensemble numbers 24 of the city's best traditional players/singers as well as musicians from the city's classical, jazz and brass scenes. Different pieces showcase it's extraordinary range of instrumental players, for example, strings, wind and steel reed instruments as well as songs linked to the city and ofcourse, everyone on it lives and works in Glasgow.

Making this record has provided a unique opportunity for the talent that exists on Glasgow's own traditional music scene to create something co-ordinated and with a collective intent. As as opportunity to move forward now and present their music internationally in 2014 this achievment shouldn't be underestimated.

Tracks will soon be available to hear via

We'd really like to see this record and the achievments of all 24 players who've contibuted to it, gain the recognition they deserve in 2014 and are looking for ways to facilitate this for them. In the mean time, we'd be grateful if you could listen to the music via the link above. 


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